Say goodbye to bursting compact garden hoses

We've all probably tried the compact garden hoses like the Pocket Hose and the X-Hose, and we've all likely been doused with water when they burst.  These hoses started via "As Seen On TV" infomercials and ads, and made their way into hardware stores, drug stores, and supermarkets.  While useful they were pretty unreliable and most probably wound up in the trash.

This year there is a new compact hose in the market, and it's proven to be pretty reliable. It's called the Zero-G Garden Hose and it's made by an actual garden hose company (Teknor Apex). It's comparable in price to the old X-Hose, but far less prone to failure.  It comes in 50 foot length and has metal hose connectors.  While it doesn't collapse or expand automatically, it can be stored in a very small space and is much lighter than comparable 50 foot vinyl garden hose.