Time to say goodbye to compact fluorescents?

It seems like it was only yesterday when Compact Fluorescent (CFL) bulbs hit the market, promising big energy savings and longer bulb life.  Energy legislation and falling CFL prices made them the smart choice for lighting your home and business, in spite of some concerns about bulb disposal and warm-up times.  LED bulbs have been around for many years, but in the past few months the pricing has dropped significantly and the selection of bulb styles has greatly increased.  In early February we worked with GE and went through our bulb selection from top to bottom and we made a decision to drop CFL bulbs and fully embrace their LED replacements.  

LED bulbs offer even more efficiency than CFL bulbs, but at a similar price and with none of the disposal concerns or delayed bulb startup.  LED's are available in even more styles than CFL bulbs, including clear candelabra styles often used in chandeliers or wall sconce fixtures.  

We will continue to offer some CFL bulbs, and of course we can order any bulb you may need to match existing bulbs you may have.  However, we encourage you to start moving to LED bulbs to gain the benefits more quickly.  The pricing is really close to CFL bulbs, and in some cases it's lower.  This month for example, we are featuring a 4 pack of LED bulbs for just $15.99 for our True Value Rewards members.  Stop in and see our full selection of LED bulbs, you'll be amazed at how much variety is now available.