Home Brewing FAQ

Craft brewing is the art of handmade, individual beers produced in small batches. Some of the world's finest brews are produced in the basements of homebrewers, and you can easily join their ranks. Before getting started, you'll want some questions answered.

Is It Legal?

Yes, it is. A federal law permits any adult to make up to 100 gallons per year, or 200 gallons in a 2-adult household. Most states have followed suit.

Is It Expensive?

No! You'll brew premium beers at less than the cost of many commercial brands. Once you've made an initial investment in reusable equipment, you need only replenish ingredients each time you brew. Most of the expense of commercial beers is the bottle, the label, distribution and advertising. You put all that cost in creating a great brew!

Is It Difficult?

Again, no. The brewing process is a simple one of attention to cleanliness, combining good ingredients, and letting brewing yeast do its magic. Our ingredient kits make it even easier by providing all the supplies necessary in convenient pre-measured quantities, plus clear step-by-step instructions.

Is It Any Good?

Absolutely! A good homebrew rivals the world's finest beers. Plus, they are made precisely to your taste with only the finest ingredients, never travel, and condition naturally.

How Do I Get Started?

It's easy. You buy two boxes. One contains all the equipment you'll need, and the other contains all the ingredients for your choice of beer style.

The Brewshop at Cornell's - (914) 961-2400