Busy, busy, busy

Most retail stores are busiest during the Christmas holiday season, but that's a secondary busy time for a hardware store.  May and June are the crunch months in the hardware business, especially for stores like ours that sell BBQ grills and gardening supplies.  We get trucks every day with merchandise, with two big deliveries each week from True Value.  Each of the True Value deliveries contains ten or more pallets of products, everything from mulch and soils to power tools, paint, light bulbs, and more.  

It can be a challenge to store all the products, but our crew does a great job of moving items into our basement via a conveyor belt and our elevator.  Many customers don't even know we have a full size basement full to the brim with product to backup the merchandise we have displayed on the sales floor.  If you'd like to take a peek in the basement you can, just head down the stairs near the key machine and check out our display of BBQ grills, home beer making supplies, and beekeeping equipment.

To Every Thing, There Is A Season

Our store product selection follows the seasons, so garden supplies in the spring, barbecue grills in the summer, rakes in the fall, and snow shovels in winter.  Unlike most stores, though, we make use of our large basement (sometimes referred to as the Dungeon) to maintain a selection of seasonal items all year round.

So even though the weather is warming up we have inventory of ice melter and snow shovels if we get a late season snow storm.  Need some Christmas lights for decorating in July?  No problem, we have inventory of holiday lights in our inventory.  Does your grandmother need a heater to keep her warm even though it's mid-summer?  We keep inventory of heaters all year round.

Most large chains and big box stores dump all their seasonal inventory in the waning days of each season.  Good luck finding a snow shovel in March or garden hose in November at the big box stores, but we have those items on hand.  We know what is needed to maintain the homes in our area because we live here too.  So next time you need something that doesn't align with the season give us a call...we likely have what you need even if it's out of season.