Recognizing our veterans

America owes a great debt of gratitude to the military veterans who have served our country. There are many programs to assist veterans once they leave the military, but too many veterans still struggle with depression and other afflictions that make it difficult for them to return to normal life in their community.  Sometimes all our veterans want is for us to remember them and what they have done to preserve our freedoms and way of life.

We aren't big fans of Wal-Mart, and in fact we've parodied their store for many years.  However, we're proud to participate in the Greenlight A Vet program which has been supported by Wal-Mart for several years.  It's easy to participate, all you need to do is add a green light to your interior or exterior lighting so it can been seen from the street.  It's a simple gesture, but one that might mean a lot to a veteran in your community.

We stock green lights all year round, and this year we're offering them at 20% discount through Veteran's Day.  Please consider adding a green light to your home and leave it lit all year round if possible.  If you can't light it all year round at least try to keep it lit for Veteran's Day as well as Memorial Day.  It's an easy way to possibly make a big impact in someone's life.