Best of Westchester winner!


Thank you to all our friends and neighbors who voted for Cornell's as the Best Hardware Store in the annual Westchester Magazine reader's poll.  With so many wonderful independent hardware stores in our county it's truly an honor to be selected as the best hardware store around.  You can be sure we will work hard to continue providing outstanding service and product selection to help you improve and maintain your home or business.  Cheers!

Customer feedback...and advertising

We love getting feedback and comments from customers, and while we especially love compliments we also truly want to hear about it when our service fails to meet expectations. With the advent of the Internet there are now a myriad of ways for customers to contact us or rate our service, whether email, instant messaging, online review sites, or blogs. We try and respond to each and every comment or review, whether positive or negative, and we share the comments with our staff.

One situation were we really can't properly respond is when we receive anonymous comments. The letter below arrived today, and there was no contact information, return address, or any other indication as to the customer's identity. We would truly love to respond, but unfortunately we cannot except through this public post.  So, here'a quick response.

True Value Hardware and Ace Hardware are two totally different hardware store chains.  Both types of stores are independent locally owned stores, and both True Value and Ace are co-op wholesale suppliers.  The individual stores own their respective wholesale company, and each store decides how to run their store (products to carry, pricing, staff, decor, etc.).  Currently, only Ace Hardware is running national advertising and until recently they were one of the sponsors of the Laura Ingraham show.  

As a True Value store we have no connection to Ace's decision any more than Home Depot or WalMart.  From our perspective it's probably best for dealer-owner companies like Ace or True Value to avoid sponsorship of political commentary shows altogether, whether Ingraham or Maddow, Hannity or Hayes.  There are plenty of other shows that are less politically charged, so why stir up your clients or customers by supporting a political commentary show?  

Finally, an anonymous letter or comment provides us with no way to respond or address your concerns.  So please, always include a way for us to respond, comment, reply, or otherwise reach out to you.  


Busy, busy, busy

Most retail stores are busiest during the Christmas holiday season, but that's a secondary busy time for a hardware store.  May and June are the crunch months in the hardware business, especially for stores like ours that sell BBQ grills and gardening supplies.  We get trucks every day with merchandise, with two big deliveries each week from True Value.  Each of the True Value deliveries contains ten or more pallets of products, everything from mulch and soils to power tools, paint, light bulbs, and more.  

It can be a challenge to store all the products, but our crew does a great job of moving items into our basement via a conveyor belt and our elevator.  Many customers don't even know we have a full size basement full to the brim with product to backup the merchandise we have displayed on the sales floor.  If you'd like to take a peek in the basement you can, just head down the stairs near the key machine and check out our display of BBQ grills, home beer making supplies, and beekeeping equipment.