Technology at Cornell's True Value Hardware

Even though Cornell's Hardware has been around for over 100 years we certainly aren't an "old" hardware store.  We strive to be on the cutting edge with both the products we offer our customers as well as the technology we use to run our business.  

We were one of the first hardware stores in the northeast to computerize our operations.  Our Point-Of-Sale system was installed in the summer of 1982, and we have been improving it over the years and following tech trends to continuously improve your shopping experience.  We actually are a test site for many new features, and customers may have noticed we were one of the early adopters of chip card readers (with all their quirks).

On the Internet front, we put up our first web site in 1995 and were selling on the web beginning in 1996.  Our website has grown over the years, and now provides information about our history, or operations, and our entire inventory file so you can browse our products prior to visiting the store.  In addition, customers with a True Value Rewards card can view their purchase history via our website or via the new True Value customer app.  

Nobody knows what the future of retail technology will bring, but we will continue to follow the industry trends and add new services and features that help make it easier for our customers to do business with us.