Cool new gadgets

The holiday shopping season is upon us, and we've got some cool new gadgets that will look great under the Christmas tree.  

First up is a thermal imaging camera that works with Android or Apple IOS devices.  It's a great tool for locating heat loss in your home and will earn back the cost after just one energy scan of your house.  

Next up is the Drop Stop, a car accessory that was a big hit on TV's Shark Tank.  Drop Stop attaches to your seat belt and prevents objects from falling between your seat and the console.  If you've ever dropped your cell phone, food, jewelry, or other objects under your seat then you will appreciate the Drop Stop.

Say goodbye to your old toolbox and replace it with a Dewalt lighted backpack tool bag.  The sturdy backpack has 57 pockets to help organize your tools, and a padded back for carrying comfort.

Finally, take your holiday decorating to the next level with Lumenplay lights.  These LED holiday lights can be controlled from Android or IOS devices, allowing you to change color schemes and even synchronize lights to music.  Stop in a see a demonstration.