Cornell's Website History

Cornell's was one of the first hardware stores with a website on the Internet. Our first site was launched in 1995, and included a history of the store, information about our business, and some links to purchase products. You can view some older versions of our website from 1996 onward at the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

Our current website was launched in April 2015, and includes nearly all of the key content from our prior website. Unfortunately, over the years we had to move some older content to other websites due to some technical limitations. We didn't want to lose the "flavor" of fun pages like the Cornell's Dungeon, so rather than changing the style or eliminating the page we migrated the page to John Fix's personal website. Some of John's personal pages used to reside on the site, and they have also been moved to his personal site.

One of our more popular websites is The Big Box. We created this parody website back in 1995 to poke fun at "big box" stores like Wal*Mart and Home Depot. We continue to receive hundreds of visitors a month to our virtual mega-store website.

We also maintain a mailing list and website for hardware and lumber retail industry members called The Hardlines Digest. This email list has over 2,500 subscribers in the hardlines industry, including store owners and managers, vendors, wholesalers, and manufacturers. Subscribe for free at the website.