Ice Melting Products

Product Name Melting Range Description
Rock Salt
(e.g. Morton Safe-T-Salt)
20°F to 14°F Rock salt harms vegetation and grass. It's safe to handle though, and it won't harm your skin, carpets, or floors. What's also good is that it's an inexpensive commodity product.
Animal Friendly
(e.g. Safe Pet)
to -5°F Non-Corrosive, Environmentally Friendly, Prevents Ice & Snow From Re-Bonding, Effective At Lower Temperatures, A Proven Ice Melter That Is Safer For Pets.
Potassium, sodium chloride, urea, MG 104 blend (e.g. Safe Step) to -5°F Won't harm grass, plants, skin, carpets, or floors.
Calcium Chloride
(e.g. Qik Joe)
to -25°F Calcium Chloride isn't safe on vegetation or grass. Protection should be used when it is being handled. This product is fairly expensive since it's commercial type.