Driveway Repair

How many pails are required to cover a driveway?

The coverage rate for your unsealed driveway will be about 300 to 400 square feet per 5 gallon pail. If your driveway was previously coated, the rate will be 400 to 500 square feet per 5 gallon pail.

What do I have to do before sealing a driveway?

Remove built up oil or grease by using driveway cleaner (follow the directions that come with it); more than one application may be needed to do the job. To ensure prevention of bleed-through on oil and grease spots, use an oil spot primer.  Clean the entire driveway with the driveway cleaner to get rid of any more oily film or other remnants of contamination which may interfere with good adhesion. Use a stiff brush to scrub out any debris from cracks in your driveway while using a hose to spray out and wash away any debris.

How do I fill a crack?

Heavy duty driveway filler will seal cracks up to 1/8" wide. Cracks that are 1/8" to 1/4" can be filled using pourable driveway crack filler in a single application. Cracks 1/4" to 1/2" can be filled with 2 applications, filling the crack 3/8" from the top for the first time, and then letting it dry for several days to a week before filling the rest in with the second application. Cracks that are 1/2" to 3/4" wide need a driveway crack patch mix. Follow the manufacturer's directions and allow to dry before coating. If it becomes necessary to remove excess filler, sprinkle clean silica sand over the crack.

How long should I wait before sealing a new driveway?

New asphalt should be allowed to age 6 months in southern climates and 360 days in northern climates (this includes 1 summer season) before sealing. This lets oils and solvents to evaporate.

How should I mix the sealer?

Coal tar emulsion coatings and sealers don't "hard settle" and are fairly easy to stir. Use a thin, broad piece of wood and stir making sure you bring the thicker bottom of the material to the top. Heavy duty filter is harder - as the filler tends to settle more firmly. It is suggested that you store the containers of heavy duty filler upside down before you use it. This loosens the filler off the bottom and makes stirring it easy. If the filler is not mixed properly there can be "tracking" problems.

Use a high quality brush with good bristles to spread the tar. You can use a squeegee,but a brush makes a much better finish.  Don't apply the coating too thick, as it would dry very slowly and there is a risk that you can track some of the tar into your house.  Remember: Two thin coats are better than one thick one. Make sure that if you apply 2 coats, that you apply a second coat only after the first one is thoroughly dried and allowed to "cure". This process usually takes 12 to 24 hours.

What is the easiest way to seal a driveway?

On a hot day, dampen your driveway with a mist from a hose, but not enough so that the water can form puddles. Then pour a ribbon of driveway coating along the top of the driveway. Spread the coating out by pulling the driveway coating with the squeegee side of the applicator back and fourth across the driveway until about 3 feet of the driveway is covered. With the brush side of the applicator, pull the excess driveway coating toward you.Apply pressure to the brush so that you can get the excess coating out of small depressions.

Pour a ribbon of cable again, this time near the bottom of the area that you just completed, and repeat the spreading and brushing of the coating every 4 feet or so until the job is finished. On hot and sunny days make sure you keep spraying the driveway with a fine mist of water ahead of the application of the coating.

What is the best temperature to apply a sealer?

Do not apply driveway sealer to surfaces who's temperatures are below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

After I apply the sealer, how long will it be until I can use my driveway?

When the weather is warm, coal tar emulsion will dry in about 24 hours for cars. In cooler, damper weather, the drying time is much longer.

What should I clean my tools with?

Your tools can easily be cleaned with warm, soapy water. But make sure this is done immediately - otherwise the sealer will dry on your tools and become very hard to remove.

Can frozen driveway sealer be used again?

Driveway coating can't be used after it has been frozen because it doesn't have"freeze- thaw" capability. If frozen, permanent separation could occur and the product will have to be thrown away.