Choose A Lawn Mower

When purchasing a lawnmower, there are three basic options to consider: gas, electric or manual (or reel).

Gas mowers are the most common and the most powerful. For convenience, look for models with electric starters, otherwise, they have to be started by pulling on a cord - which requires extra effort.

A gas push mower is a basic type of gas mower that is non-self-propelled and works well on small lawns less than 1/4-acre in area. They also make a good choice for trimming edges that a larger riding mower can't reach.

Self-propelled gas mowers are great for lawns that are a bit larger; from 1/4 acre to 1/2 acre, because they help reduce the mowing time and the amount of exertion that goes into cutting the grass. Two basic systems are available. Front-wheel drive is easier to use around trees and garden beds. Whereas, rear-wheel drive gives the best traction on slopes and areas with thick grass. It is best to look for a model that offers variable speeds so you an adjust accordingly to help you get at where you need to go.

Electric mowers are much quieter than gas-powered mowers and will work well on smaller lawns. They also are environmentally-friendly because they do not create emissions the way gas mowers do.

Electric mowers come in two different varieties - corded or cordless. Corded mowers are the least expensive, however you will need a very long extension cord to keep them running and get your lawn cut. Cordless mowers run on rechargeable batteries, and have a greater range of use. Since these mowers are not as powerful as a gas mower, they are not as efficient at cutting thick or tall grass, so the grass will have to be cut more frequently.

Reel mowers are ideal for a small and flat yard. Because they are engine-less, these mowers are silent and require hardly any maintenance other than a blade sharpening. However, the lawn will need to be cut more frequently with a reel mower because they don't cut tall grass easily.